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Introduction and Storyline
(Előszó és a Történet)

AAC BG Mission Narratives
(Bombázók bevetési jelentései)

AAC BG Mission Orders
(Bevetési parancsok)

Aircraft Downed in Hungary
(Kényszerleszállás Magyarországon)

460th BG Escape Statements
(460-as Bombázó Csoport Két menekülés leirása)

BG Mission Lists
(Bombázó csoportok bevetési listája)

Harrison Flats
(Harrison Sík)

S-2 Sees It Through  
(S-2 gondoskodik mindenről)

Newspaper Accounts

A Great Miracle
(Egy nagy csoda)


(A templomszentelés)


Two Great Organs
(A székesegyház orgonái)

Church Bells Sound Recording

The Final Chapter
(Utolsó Fejezet)

Memories of September 1947
(Emlékek 1947-ből)

Photo Albums
(Fénykép album)

Harrison Flats Photo Album - Part One
(Harrison Sík Fénykep Album-ban - 1)

Harrison Flats Photo Album - Part One

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[Photo] An aerial view of the 460th BG camp and runways. [Photo] An aerial view of the 460th BG camp and runways. [Photo] The 460th BG camp in the spring of 1944.
(L-R) Two aerial views of the 460th BG camp and runways. The 460th's camp in 1944.

[Photo] The 456th Bomb Group moving day at camp. [Photo] One of the 456th BG crew in front of tent number 81. [Photo] Two 456th airmen in front of their tufa tent.
(L-R) The 456th Bomb Group moves into camp. Scenes from the 456th BG.

[Photo] The 381st Bomb Group serves home brewed coffee - a cuppa-joe. [Photo] The 381st delivering mail at the camp. [Photo] The 460th Bomb Group at Sunday church services.
(L-R) The 381st Bomb Group serves coffee and delivers mail. The 460th at Sunday church services.

[Photo] The 381st Bomb Group's dental office. [Photo] The 461st Bombardment Group officers' quarters. [Photo] The 460th BG's dolly tower.
(L-R) The 381st BG's dental office; officers' quarters for the 461st and the 460th Bomb Group's dolly tower.

[Photo] Crews assemble portable runways. [Photo] Crews lay Hessian mat. [Photo] A couple of the engine maintenance crew from the 456th Bombardment Group.
(L-R) Crews assemble portable runways and lay Hessian mat. (Photos courtesy of the USAF) Engine maintenance crew from the 456th.

[Photo] The 381st Bombardment Group's engine repair shop. [Photo] 464th Bomb Group engine maintenance mechanics. [Photo] The 456th Bomb Group repairs a Norden bombsight.
(L-R) The 381st BG's engine repair shop; mechanics from the 464th BG and the 456th repairs a Norden bombsight.

[Photo] The 456th BG members repair instruments. [Photo] The 461st Bomb Group's large weapons repair shop. [Photo] Bomb dump at the 381st Bombardment Group.
(L-R) The 456th BG crew repairs instruments; the 461st BG's large weapons repair area and a bomb dump at the 381st Bomb Group.

      This website is dedicated to describing the events of Sunday, March 4, 1945 over the city of Szombathely, Hungary. Footnotes, references and historical documents will be added to the site as translations become available. The readers' interest and help with translations would be most appreciated - in both English and Hungarian.

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